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Hi, I’m Martin.

 I’m in LA now.As a learner of Vietnamese I’m really pleased with VTO - Vietnamese Tutor Online and its tutors, especially the one who is working with me. The Vietnamese language is often stereotyped as too difficult owing to its tones. However my tutor has done a good job to help me get used to them.How amazing, I just can’t believe it. The lessons made me revise my view towards online lessons.

I thought it would be barely possible to learn a foreign language through internet. But I was dead wrong. Nguyen Hien has given me wonderful lessons totally comparable to face-to-face ones. You will find learning with Nguyen Hien incredibly effective. The most beatiful thing is that you can set the class time. Everything is on account of learners. I want to send my thanks to Stefan. Thank you for your help with my Vietnamese.


recommend this teacher to eveybody

Nguyen Hien is a very patient and professional teacher.She knew what I need and helped me a lot with my poor vietnamese. After 3 months, I feel much more confident with my Vietnamese and can easily talk to others in Vietnamese.I would like to recommend her to anyone who want to learn this language

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