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 Cost of Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to learn, and private
lessons cost $20 for one hour lesson.
We can meet once a week, twice a week, or more often,
depending on the amount of time you have available to
devote to study. Less than once a week tends to be

If you would like to study with a friend, you can
share the cost of the lesson. This allows you to
split the cost, but it will only work if you are both
at the same level. If one of you has more fluency
than the other or studies harder than the other, the
shared lesson time will not work as well.

The first lesson is complimentary so that you can
determine if my teaching style is right for you.
After the first lesson, payment should be sent by
Western Union for each month in advance. Western
Union charges a nominal fee for this fund transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Utilizing the power of the internet to exchange voice, images and typed messages, we can conduct lessons from virtually anywhere by using Voice and online electronic chat
-Talk and type in real time using a variety of instant voice and online messaging programs
-To utilize voice, a headset/microphone will be needed. This plugs directly into your laptop or desktop computer.
We will converse in real-time and I can work on your pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, reading skills and provide any help that would be available to you in person.

All you need is a reliable computer, speakers, and a microphone (or headset).

I try to make my online lessons as cosy as possible. My students feel as if they are in a one to one lesson in my office. We can see each other, we speak, we make exercices together, I answer to all the questions and doubts that my students may have. With a good webcam and a good microphone, we feel as if we are sitting side by side.


For beginers:twice/week for 3 months
For lower intermediate:twice/week for 3 months
and the same with other levels
Payment is by any way which is suitable for students


I have taught English as a Second Language for
Vietnamese adults in schools in Hanoi. I have taught
Basic and Business Vietnamese classes for visitors to
Vietnam. I have a number of current students in the
United States learning Vietnamese via free Internet

I received a degree in Teaching from the Teacher
Training University in Hanoi. I have completed a
6-month course in Vietnamese culture at the University
in Hanoi.

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