Our teaching materials are individualized for each student. However the following information will give you an idea of the typical methods of instruction.

The more advanced you are, the easier it is to learn Vietnamese. In this level, your grammar is very good, and your vocabulary is large. You are able to understand most people when they speak to you. However you might have difficulties with fixed phrases, idioms, and Vietnamese styles. You might also have persistent grammar or pronunciation errors which you would like to correct. Therefore, we will focus on idiomatic phrases and difficult words, and we will help you to write essays and give presentations.

This course is tailored according to the reasons you are learning advanced Vietnamese. For example, if you are pursuing business Vietnamese, we will work with business terminology and business articles such as “Thời báo kinh tế Việt Nam” (Economics of Vietnam). If you are learning history or science, the materials will be about history or science.

You will have various assignments to do at home between lessons. For example, you will write essays or prepare presentations for the next lesson. That might take you a lot of time but it will accelerate your learning. At the lesson, your teacher will corrrect your work and guide you in how to deal with any problems. After every 10 lessons we will have a test to monitor your progress. One such type of test is the listening test, in which you will work with someone other than your regular teacher. This will help you to adapt to different voices.

Here is one example of a writing test :
“Hãy viết một bài văn dài khoảng 150 từ về một vấn đề của xã hội mà bạn quan tâm”
(Write a 150 word essay about a problem in society which concerns you.)

In the lessons, we will try to perfect your listening skill by speaking progressively faster. For example, we will practice dictation of large number and other complex information. If possible, the lessons will be entirely in Vietnamese with no English spoken except in the rarest of circumstances.

You can continue to study at the advanced level for as long as you like or until you have complete fluency.

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