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Our teaching materials are individualized for each student. However the following information will give you an idea of the typical methods of instruction.

When you move to the intermediate level, you will already have a background knowledge of the Vietnamese language. You will know how to introduce yourself and others, and you will know how to say the names of various things. You will already be able to create basic and simple sentences. However, you will need quite a bit of instruction before you will be able to study at the advanced level. We divide the levels of ability into these courses:

16 weeks
16 weeks
16 weeks

In the pre-intermediate level, you will learn to identify more items such as items in your room or in pictures, and you will learn to describe those items. This practice will increase your vocabulary quickly. You will learn to describe and discuss your hobbies as well as the reasons for your hobbies. For example: “Tôi thích xem bảo tàng bởi vì tôi muốn tìm hiểu về lịch sử “ ( I like going to museums because I would like to know about history )

In the intermediate level, things become more complicated. We will work with longer conversations, longer stories, and more complex grammars. Listening and speaking will become the primary focus. You will learn through real-life conversation topics such as dating, renting a house, etc. Vocabulary is still very important and the exercises will help you increase your Vietnamese vocabulary.

In the upper-intermediate level, the course will help you to discuss more complicated topics such as government, marketing, etc. You also start developing presentation skills. The presentation topics will range from the very simple (describing your hobbies and reasons why you like them) to the rather complex (telling others your recommended solutions to water pollution in your hometown.)

Moving from the pre-intermediate level to the upper–intermediate level takes a significant amount of work. Our experience shows that these lessons work the best for most students. The bulk of a person’s vocabulary and grammar are built in these levels. At the pre-intermediate level, you might just know some words and some very simple structures. By the end of the upper-intermediate level, you will be able to argue with others in Vietnamese.

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