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Our teaching materials are individualized for each student. However the following information will give you an idea of the typical methods of instruction.

In the beginning classes, we focus on the common and basic Vietnamese words and phrases. We emphasize proper pronunciation and we provide numerous exercises to help you learn.

If you choose to study twice a week, then the beginning course will last 12 to 16 weeks. This takes you from speaking no Vietnamese at all to being able to fulfill basic communication needs including asking and answering simple questions, describing your daily routines, describing the world around you, etc.

For example, you will learn how to address people with appropriate personal pronouns. Most beginners find this is the second greatest challenge when first learning Vietnamese. (The greatest challenge for beginners is tonal pronunciation.)

Look at the people in the pictures and try to address them as if you are talking to them.

We will help you to understand all of these personal pronouns, including when to use each one and how to pronounce each one.

Contact us:

Office: 21/232 Ton Duc Thang Str, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: 0972369842 (Mr Mike Dao)

Skype Name: vietnamesetutoring

Email: info@Vietnameseteaching.com

Website: www.onlinevietnamese.com


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