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Our teaching materials are individualized for each student. However the following information will give you an idea of the typical methods of instruction.

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, you will find it is very valuable to know a few words and phrases before you go. The Vietnamese people will be very happy if you try to speak some Vietnamese. In addition, this ability may help you avoid any unexpected frustrations caused by a language barrier during your travel.

At this level, the sentences you learn will be quite short and to the point. This will help you feel more comfortable with Vietnamese. You don’t need to worry about grammar at this point; just try to be understood. Set a goal of learning 10 phrases a day, and you will soon have a lot of useful language at your disposal.

The phrases you will learn will be essential for your travel and will cover such simple tasks as getting directions, checking in at your hotel, ordering at the restaurant, and buying and bargaining in the market.

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Here is a sample conversation at the market:
Ở chợ: (At the market)
Ông Bill: Bao nhiêu ạ?
(How much is this?)
Cô Hoa: Hai chục đồng.
(20,000VND, about $2.00.)
Ông Bill: Tiền đây ạ. Cảm ơn
(Here you are. Thanks.)

Here is a sample set of lessons:

Lesson 1
Introducing your self
Lesson 2
Making friends
Lesson 3
Getting directions
Lesson 4
Phrases for emergencies
Lesson 5
At the restaurant
Lesson 6
At the market
Lesson 7
At the hotel
Lesson 8
At the currency exchange
Lesson 9
Going out
Lesson 10
Checking out of the hotel

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