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Online Vietnamese Lessons
Vietnamese Tutoring Online

One-on-one tutoring in spoken and written Vietnamese

We offer private tutoring worldwide using Skype.  From the comfort of your own home or business, you can learn Vietnamese from a native speaker.  It is easy, fun, and educational.  Regardless of your ability, you can learn and improve quickly using our proven methods.
Tutoring is available for the following levels:

Tourist: who has no knowledge of the language and wants to know simple words and phrases for a short visit to Vietnam.
Beginner: Who has no knowledge of the language and wants to begin a course of study.

Intermediate: who has the ability to understand simple sentences and wants to improve in vocabulary and fluency.

Advanced: Who has the ability to understand most conversations and wants to correct any persistent grammar or pronunciation errors.

Home speaker: Who has some ability after learning the language at home from parents or relatives and wants to build stronger writing and speaking skills.
For more information about any one of these levels, click on one of the links above.

The Big Bonus:

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS:  If you complete the 20 lessons in ten weeks, I will give you 3 extra Vietnamese conversation lessons for FREE. Are you ready to get started?

WRITTEN REPORTS:  Also, I will give you a written report about each of your lessons.  I will write about your Vietnamese from each of our Skype lessons.

Buy Vietnamese Course in the World right now!

Contact us:

Office: 21/232 Ton Duc Thang Str, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hotline: 0972369842 (Mr Mike Dao)

Skype Name: vietnamesetutoring





All reviews of Nguyen Hien

Hi, I’m Martin.

 I’m in LA now.As a learner of Vietnamese I’m really pleased with VTO - Vietnamese Tutor Online and its tutors, especially the one who is working with me. The Vietnamese language is often stereotyped as too difficult owing to its tones. However my tutor has done a good job to help me get used to them.How amazing, I just can’t believe it. The lessons made me revise my view towards online lessons.

I thought it would be barely possible to learn a foreign language through internet. But I was dead wrong. Nguyen Hien has given me wonderful lessons totally comparable to face-to-face ones. You will find learning with Nguyen Hien incredibly effective. The most beatiful thing is that you can set the class time. Everything is on account of learners. I want to send my thanks to Stefan. Thank you for your help with my Vietnamese.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Cost of Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to learn, and private
lessons cost $20 for one hour lesson.
We can meet once a week, twice a week, or more often,
depending on the amount of time you have available to
devote to study. Less than once a week tends to be

If you would like to study with a friend, you can
share the cost of the lesson. This allows you to
split the cost, but it will only work if you are both
at the same level. If one of you has more fluency
than the other or studies harder than the other, the
shared lesson time will not work as well.

The first lesson is complimentary so that you can
determine if my teaching style is right for you.
After the first lesson, payment should be sent by
Western Union for each month in advance. Western
Union charges a nominal fee for this fund transfer.


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