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Online Lessons

We offer private tutoring worldwide using the newest Internet technologies. From the comfort of your own home or business, you can learn Vietnamese from a native speaker. It is easy, fun, and educational. Regardless of your ability, you can learn and improve quickly using our proven methods.

Tutoring is available for the following levels:

- Tourist: Has no knowledge of the language and wants to know simple words and phrases for a short visit to Vietnam.
- Beginner: Has no knowledge of the language and wants to begin a course of study.
- Intermediate: Has the ability to understand simple sentences and wants to improve in vocabulary and fluency.
- Advanced: Has the ability to understand most conversations and wants to correct any persistent grammar or pronunciation errors.
- Home speaker: Has some ability after learning the language at home from parents or relatives and wants to build stronger writing and speaking skills.
- Convenient : When taking lessons online, you receive your lessons and interact with your teacher on a computer at home or at your office. You don't have to commute across the city to meet your teacher. Not only does this free up time and energy that you need for other things in your busy life, but it also means you can take shorter lessons more frequently, which can be more effective for language learning.

WRITTEN REPORTS:  VTG will give you a written report about each of your lessons.  I will write about your Vietnamese from each of our Skype lessons.

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Mobile: +84972.369.842


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